Dumb Cane - FG-20-0014

Dumb Cane - FG-20-0014

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Size Specification:

Pot Size: 15CM

Plant Size: Approx 30CM

Product Description:

Dieffenbachia or Green Magic or commonly known as dumb cane is a genus of tropical flowering plants in the family Araceae. They are easy to maintain and can tolerate the shade. It is an evergreen perennial broad-leafed herb with thick lustrous leaves. The leaves are mainly different shades of green and creamy white in color. The different colors combine as patterns such as spots, strips and edges, making a good choice for home decoration. 

Care Instruction:

Dumb Cane prefer soil that is consistently and lightly moist, but not soggy. It prefers diffused sunlight or partial shade, but will tolerate full shade, which is why it is well-suited as a houseplant. Cut off any dead leaves as & when required.  Apply a balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer (20-20-20) once a month when watering.